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Judica van Deenen MSc

·      Incident investigation

·      Incident management

·      Analysis expertise

·      3rd party in joint investigations

·      Independent support

·      Training 

Your business is our concern! 

Who and what 

Expert in incident investigation and incident management. Interception Consultancy is founded by Judica van Deenen. As an experienced and efficient professional she will apply a high standard. Her constructive and supportive approach makes her a much sought-after consultant.

Our main objective is to give your organization the support you need in unfortunate situations. With professional tools, together with our clients we come to an analysis and understanding of these incidents. To learn from them and to improve your business.

By translating these insights into logic and practical measures we aim for a safer working environment and a more predictable positive outcome. And by doing so, establish a solid future for your company.

Our expertise is applicable to diverse and complex situations. We work in all fields and are not limited to a certain form of industry or organization. We can support both the organization as well as a certain division. If necessary we can also focus our support on those in a demanding position within the organization, e.g. CEOs, Division and Plant Managers. We deliver our services worldwide.


From threats to challenges, from problems to solutions